We take a unique traditional Japanese approach during treatments. Starting at the head and moving down to the feet, we channel universal life force energy through the client’s entire body. This process allows the release of negativity, blockage, and stress while recharging parts of the body that are lacking in energy. This process of clearing and recharging enhances the body’s ability to heal itself using natural means.

Many clients report feeling waves of warmth during an energy channeling session as well as physical alignments and stress release. Typically clients will feel very relaxed after a treatment.

We believe that balance within leads to a calm exterior and aims to provide our clients a healing environment in which they can relax and unwind from daily life.

Reiki Healing
1 Session
50 minutes
2 Sessions
50 minutes - ($20 Off)
3 sessions
50 minutes - ($30 Off)

Hot Heads Extensions
$900 - $1,200
Hot Heads Removal
$75 - $125
Hot Heads Retab
$175 - $250
Partial Hot Heads Extensions
$500 - $600
Partial Hot Heads Retab
$135 - $150
Capelli Fusion Hair Extensions
Partial Capelli Fusion Extensions
$50 - $60
Capelli Fusion Touch Up

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