90 Minute Facials

Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Peel

Soft vanilla spice fills the air. Wine infused eye gels hydrate. Relaxing peptides soften wrinkles. Deep cleansing pumpkin peel refreshes. Ageless lifting neck treatment. Topping off, anti-oxidant rich masque. Cozy paraffin-like splendor for hands. Long lasting finish of purity. 90 minute experience. $15 off in November.


Personification of water facial. Water is symbolic of life, receiving, purification, dreaming, purity, change, healing, rebirth. Water represents travel, fluidity, harmony, kind understanding, perception and learning. Pore purging cleanse, seaweed exfoliant, extractions, herbal eye mask, crystal massage, reparative masks, Perfect10 hand therapy, soothing massage. BelleCote skincare. 90 minute facial experience.


Moon Energy Facial. Cleanse, pore clearing vacuum, probiotic polish retextures, balances, gentle peel, honey crystals heal and lift impactions, collagen infusion restores, hand massage, facial caress, brightening eye treatment, reparative mask, release massage, sound bath, purifying sage foot cleansing, hot towel caresses shoulders, and concludes with a breath of gratitude. 90 minute facial experience.


Tension reducing aromatherapy lily of the valley + toning petitgrain, purifying yet soothing treatments reenergize your complexion, refiing pores and texture, brightening seaweed exfoliant, extractions, luxurious shoulder, neck, upper back massage, arm + hand treatment with cozy warm mitts to activate lush Ecofin bestowing rich moisture. BelleCote skincare + seashell massage + hand bliss. 90 minute experience.

Self Renewal

Melt away your stresses as you rest under a cloud of steam. Bliss deep cleansing option, face, décolleté enzyme exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask, revitalizing eye gels, luxurious shoulder, neck, upper back massage, mega-antioxidant arm+hand massage, Foot or Scalp Therapy. DermAware skincare. 90 minute experience.

Texas Sun

Inspired by a song, an invitation for a romantic drive with the wind blowin’ through your hair and the sun warmin’ above. Evoking wind and sun energy, transforming your complexion to radiant, energized bliss. Crown debut head massage, brightening exfoliation, eye mask, crystal facial caress, jasmine green tea compresses even tone, Aroma Touch hand therapy, masks selected repair sun damage, luxe massage, element inspired aromatherapy, crystals develop wind and sun energy, warm compress cradles your back bringing an end to your journey. 90 minute experience.

Bright Beginnings

A Stellar Start for the New Year. Fresh, fun cucumber, lavender aromatherapy, thorough cleanse, pore vacuuming, lip lushness scrub, amplified brightening enzyme exfoliant, advanced lightening peel + refreshing ice-globes caress the face, pigment repressing mask cools, Eye Mask with Herbal Eye Pads illuminate your eyes, relieving dark circles and puffiness, crystals encourage manifestation of your New Year’s resolutions, luxe upper body massage, the glow factor, layered in soothing hydration, Foot Therapy, lavender balm moisturizes lips, Gilded Finish. 90 minute experience. $20 off in January.

Champagne & Roses

Whispers of Rose and a Champagne Foot Treatment. Hints of Rose grace your senses, white tea with rosebuds to soothe, marine peptides illuminate your complexion, Rose Quartz Crystal lymphatic massage firms, re-contours, restores youth, luxurious shoulder, neck massage. Champagne grape foot softening mask with warming booties to enhance, fresh organic seaweed exfoliant renews complexion, softening lines & wrinkles, rose lip scrub, extractions, restorative mask, aromatic rose hand massage, Kiss of Rose lift mask, Foot Therapy. BelleCote skincare, brightens, and hydrates from head to toe. 90 minute experience. $20 off in February.

Kind Rewind

A beautiful facial… Sit back and allow time to rewind. Anxiety reducing white floral aromatherapy begins your journey back in time, repairing signs of age, arm+Hand treatment with Ecofin for rich nourishment, jasmine tea compresses, Vitamin C crystals exfoliate, brightening peel, extractions, beautiful firming mask plumps, Herbal Eye Mask combats dark circles and puffiness, Ultimate Lifting Neck Treatment, Scalp Therapy, soothing massage, facial caress yields radiance. 90 minute experience. $15 off in March.

Spring Fling

Frolic in the Spring Dew Drops. Spring essence aromatherapy, warm jasmine green tea compresses, lip lushness scrub, Vit C exfoliation, revitalizing peel, extractions, Gold Lush lip plumping treatment, eyeLift, revitalizing peptide treatment under layered hydrating masks with Ultrasonic massage to re-contour, re-densify skin, maximize products’ benefits, hand massage with Luxurious shoulder massage. Spring’s kiss of dew Illuminates your radiance. A warm towel plus Vitality massaged on shoulders to conclude this lush experience. 90 minute experience. $20 off in April.

Youthful Reflection

Entertain your Citrus Crush. Crown Debut head massage greets, lush Ecofin moisturizing arm+Hand treatment, fresh citrus cradles your senses, Bliss deep cleanse, vacuuming to clear pores, Lip Lushness scrub, Vitamin C crystals lift dull skin, a layered brightening peel with cool ice-globes, citrus aromatics induce happiness, layering of free radical extinguishing anti-oxidants, wrinkle targeting eye mask, Ageless neck + décolleté lift, revitalizing lip gel, Citrus Crush Citrine Crystal Blessing, relaxing massage invites gratitude, a Radiant smile. 90 minute experience. $15 off in May.

Beach Retreat

A seaside experience… Miracles happen – a fuss free vacation! Water element evoking aromatherapy, lush Ecofin moisturizing arm+Hand treatment, sea foaming cleanse, Gold Lush lip renewal, sea mist, Vitamin C crystals sweep away dull skin like the shore is swept clean by the tide, extractions, Feet are buffed smooth + ‘wave’-like foot massage. Sea pep-‘tide’ boosted mask restores youthful sun-beaming glow. Revitalizing lip gel plumps your pucker, Ageless neck + dĂ©colletĂ© lift treatment. Seashells, polished smooth, glide over your jasmine scented skin, Luxurious massage. It’s like so relaxing – forget who you are – relaxing. 90 minute experience. $20 off in August.

Fall Prep

Coined the Love facial. Ultra Lush Love designed for Sensitized skin. Sandalwood aromatics replenish & rejuvenate, Ultrasonic cleanse, deep yet soothing pore clearing pumpkin exfoliant, calms redness, lip lushness, Herbal Eye Pads, Ageless arm+Hand treatment with Ecofin for rich moisturize, extractions, wrinkle targeting eye mask, Ageless neck + dĂ©colletĂ© lift, reparative masks with Ultrasonic massage enriching products’ healing blessings, lush moisture, luxurious massage + Loving Foot Therapy. 90 minute experience. $20 off in October.

Let Angela Decide Your 90 Minute Facial

In this personalized experience, Angela selects the perfect combination of services from her offerings, ensuring a tailored and rejuvenating facial for your unique skin needs. Trust in Angela’s skill to deliver a facial crafted just for you, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized, and glowing. 90 minute experience.

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