105 Minute Facials

Lustrous – Mermaid’s Secret

Siren’s song resonates peaceful dream state. Fresh sea water pearls improves skin luster and restores youth. Jasmine tea compresses and tones skin. Pore purging vacuuming treatment. Amethyst polish + honey crystals melt, nourish, exfoliate, and perfect. Gold Lush lip infusion plumps. Under eye mask washes away dark circles. Marine collagen revives supple, ageless skin. Luxurious massage of shoulder, neck, upper back, “fins” (arms/legs) massage introduced by “fin shedding”. Fin exfoliation softens dull, scaly skin thereupon moisturizing gloves and booties. Water energy essential oils and crystals bestow their blessings. 105 minute experience.

Moon Energy Facial

A beautiful force that impacts everything from the ocean waves to our emotions, as we are mostly comprised of water. Moonstruck facial embodies an anti-aging facial caress, brightening polish, illuminating peel, hand massage, facial crystal caress, eye treatment, replenishing mask, relaxing, release massage, sound bath, purifying sage foot cleansing, and concludes with a breath of gratitude. 105 minute experience.


Luminescence transforms. Beauty crystal blessing, crown debut, warm flower bud tea compresses, age defying aromatherapy recharges & renews. Brilliant crystal skincare softens wrinkles, increases radiance, pore clearing vacuum, herbal eye pads soothe/de-puff eyes, honey purification, Gold Lush plumps lips, crystal lymphatic facial caress – blessings transform complexion, luxe massage, firming neck treatment, sound bath resonates purity, allowing deeper relaxation, improving sleep, heightening focus & energy, lowering stress & anxiety, boosting mood & well-being, to conclude a hot towel warms back. Peace is illuminated, kindled, ignited. 105 minute experience.


An offering of Serenity. Prepare to Levitate. Intoxicating aromatherapy, hydrating exfoliation, gentle fruit acid peel, Crown Debut head massage, extractions, aromatic bliss, eye mask, lush repair, luxurious massage, crystals are placed over chakras- healing, balancing energies expressed, Foot Therapy, singing pyramid sound bath resonates purity, allowing deeper relaxation, improving sleep, heightening focus and energy, lowering stress and anxiety, boosting mood and well-being. Levitate. Hot towel on your shoulders grounds you back to earth. 105 minute experience.

Step Out & Glow

Put your dancin’ shoes on – time to Step out & Glow. Deep US pore purging cleansing, herbal eye pads, LED light therapy, sensationally cool exfoliant, Herbaceous, inspiring, rejuvenating aromatherapy, potent wrinkle relaxing peptide mask, neck firming treatment, Gua Sha Microcurrent Stress Release + Power Lift, Jade Eye Energy + Jade crystal lymphatic massage, hot towel on back to boost relaxing massage, Golden Shimmer Finish highlights your radiant glow. 105 minute experience.

Indulgent Lift

A reason for Indulgence, tis the season! Magical rejuvenating aromatics, ultrasonic cleansing to purge pores, AOX rich jasmine green tea compresses, Gold Lush initiates renewal + Lip Lushness scrub, sensational emerald exfoliant, LED light therapy, extractions, Ageless arm + hand treatment with Ecofin to replenish, eyeLift, neck firming treatment, potent peptides boosted with Microcurrent Power Lift fighting sag & wrinkles, luxurious massage, Peptide Peel takes it up a notch, Rose Quartz Crystal lymphatic massage, festive gilded glow. 105 minute experience.

Let Angela Decide Your 105 Minute Facial

In this personalized experience, Angela selects the perfect combination of services from her offerings, ensuring a tailored and rejuvenating facial for your unique skin needs. Trust in Angela’s skill to deliver a facial crafted just for you, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized, and glowing. 105 minute experience.

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